Thursday, 10 September 2009

Free Photoshop brushes

This article contains a list of places where you can get free brushes for Photoshop. There are many different kinds of brushes available to download which range from grunge brushes to garden plate brushes, and many more.

To install brushes, you simply place the ‘.abr’ file into the brushes directory in Photoshop. The default location for a window computer is: C:\Program Files\Adobe\ (Your PS version) \Presets\Brushes.

Below I have provided a collection of 6 different Photoshop brush websites.

– The tag line is “stupid name, cool brushes”. There are many different categories of brushes to choose from.

Psbrushes – “The number one source for Photoshop brushes”. All the brushes are organized into categories with brushes being updated daily.

Deviantart – Many unique brushes submitted by the devianart community.

Qbrushes – The ‘Q’ stands for quality.

Brushking – Contains lost of different kinds of brushes.

Blendfu – Creative Photoshop brushes.

Feel free to leave any comments if you know any more free Photoshop brush websites.


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