Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Abstract line texture

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract line texture using the gradient tool. The results of this texture will give a random selection of lines. This effect is created in a similar way to the kaleidoscope texture effect.

Abstract line texture

Step 1

Open a new Photoshop document with the size 800 x 600 dimensions. Then select the paint bucket tool and fill the canvas in a black colour.

Step 2

Select the gradient tool with the reflected gradient and the mode at normal and a foreground to transparent gradient as shown below.

Step 3

Click and drag small gradients on the black canvas to created horizontal and vertical lines as shown below. Create the gradients in random positions all over the canvas.

Step 4

Now keep changing the colour of the gradient, but make sure you use the foreground to transparent gradient and you should get an effect like below. You can use as many or as few colours as you wish.

You should now have an abstract line texture.


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