Saturday, 9 May 2009

Free fonts

Fonts or typography is the appearance of single character which is categorised by the weight, design, size, metrics and proportions. The appearance of a font is important when you are designing for graphic and the web. In your computer there are only a limited number of fonts available for you to choose from. Sometimes you may wish to use a completely different style or design of font from the ones you already have.

Here is a small list free font’s available on the internet either for Windows or Mac.

1. Dafont

Dafonts is probably the largest website for free fonts. The fonts are organised in the following categories: themes, font authors and new fonts. You are also submit your own fonts as well.

2. Neatfonts

Neatfonts lets you to select the fonts on the right hand size of the homepage, which gets displayed in the central of the page. This site uses a navigation bar at the top of the page that shows the alphabetical letters of the font. By selecting a letter on the navigation bar, the corresponding fonts are displayed in a list on the right side of the page.

3. 1001freefonts

1001freefonts contains many different categories of fonts. The fonts are organised alphabetically and in different categories such as graffiti, horror and rounded.

4. urbanfonts

Urbanfonts has a similar layout to 1001freefont as it is also organised alphabetically and in different categories. However, urbanfonts have more font categories to choose from. There is also a ratings and comments feature in the display of each font. This allows you to see what other users have rated and commented for each fonts.

5. Fontface

Fontface contains more than 1000 fonts which are updated everyday. The fonts are categorised alphabetically. The only drawback of this site is the size of the download button. It is tiny compared to the sizes in the other site. Also the layout of the site could do with some work.

6. Abstractfonts

Abstractfonts is organised in categories, designers and in alphabetical order. There is also a language category which gives fonts in different categories. You can also vote and bookmark a font for when you later return to the website.


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